Sales & Distribution

Octavo offers a full sales and distribution service for small presses and independent authors. You don’t have to have published with Octavo to take advantage of these services.

We offer global distribute for print and eBooks – your book will be available to all wholesalers, bookshops and libraries. EBooks are distributed to over 250+ online retailers and library suppliers.

Print Book Distribution
Our contract with Macmillan MDL enables Octavo to ship and deliver print books internationally. They are one of the big four UK distributors and this opens up opportunities with all the major UK retailers and distributors.
eBook Distribution
We distribute eBooks to over 250 platforms including Kindle, iTunes, Nook, Kobo and international library suppliers. Your title will achieve global reach and this will maximise sales opportunities.
Print-On-Demand Distribution
New technologies have allowed global availability to become a reality. These days we no longer print and ship books but they become instantly available worldwide once uploaded to the POD servers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sales and Distribution

How do I get paid?

Payment for both ebook and print titles is made quarterly either directly into your bank account or via Paypal.

How do I know what my sales are?

You will be able to monitor your sales via the publishing portal. This area will give you the complete picture by title and by retailer.

Can I use your Sales & Distribution service even if you didn't publish my books?

Yes, we can offer third party Sales & Distribution to small press and authors who have already published. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How much do you charge for Sales & Distribution?

We charge 25% of net receipts for both print and ebooks. This includes worldwide distribution via MDL or Ingrams plus enhanced Neilsen listing. Your title information sheet (AI) will be distributed to all UK wholesalers and retail buyers. Samples will be made available as required.

Will my book be available in book shops?

Yes, your title will be available to order by all book shops.

Will my book be available in libraries?

Yes, your book will be available for libraries to order.

Octavo offers global book distribution