Facebook Advertising Campaign

We have developed and refined a Facebook marketing system that will get your book on the timeline of your target readers. It has been proven to be highly successful in building authors, generating sales and achieving top chart positions on Kindle.

There are key ingredients to the success of each campaign and they include stunning artwork, carefully chosen wording and keyword selection together with age and interests targeting. Of course, there are no guarantees with any kind of advertising, but we have proven tactics for success.

Facebook advertising is an investment that has been proven to be the most cost-effective marketing for books. The other advantage is the results are fairly immediate. You can finally stop waiting to get noticed and sales because with the right Facebook ads both will happen!

For Facebook advertising there is a minimum spend of £5 a day and it is highly recommended that authors invest in both website link and video view ads. The ads are set up directly on your Facebook page and billed directly to the client. You have full visibility and control and can stop your advertising at any time.

We will need temporary editor rights to your Facebook page to facilitate this. Once set up you simply remove us from your page and you are in total control of your advertising campaigns.

Package includes:

  • Consultation process on your advertising aims and objectives
  • We set up first advert
  • We set up a second advert together
  • You set up the third advert and we review it with you
  • We supply you with 3 custom Facebook graphics for advertising

We can also offer the following associated services:

  • Set up of a Facebook Author or Book page from scratch, including a cover and profile images (£99).
  • Facebook Advert image design (£35).


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