Book Cover Illustration

Our standard book cover package includes the use of stock images from an extensive library containing millions of images. However, there will be times when we simply can’t find an image that meets the needs of your cover. This is especially the case for children’s books and YA titles where you may be looking for images of your characters and settings that are unique. It may also be the case for business books where you have a model to explain, or you require specific diagrams.

We have a bank of talented professional illustrators who can offer bespoke illustrations for your cover. We complete a specification and design, and offer it to appropriate illustrators to see if they are available, can deliver the images on time, and are able to create the image you imagine.

Copyright of the image belongs to the author, although some artists may request a credit in the book, and the right to use the image for non-commercial portfolio purposes. They may require a financial consideration if you don’t want to allow this. We can help you, if you find copyright confusing or you are unfamiliar with the subject. It need not be daunting once it’s explained.

This service includes advice, guidance, and liaison with the illustrator of your choice to ensure that the work produced is suitable for your book cover design.


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