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    • Is your book out of print?
    • Would you like to see it back on the market?
    • Were you published by a publisher that has decided not to re-print or keep your title current?

    This service can help you do exactly that – we can get your book re-published and back on sale in a matter of months!

    For us to proceed you will need to provide:

    • A suitably edited text file (Microsoft Word preferred).
    • Confirmation that full worldwide publishing rights have reverted back to you.
    • This service is for text-only titles of up to 300 pages.
      For titles that have illustrations, tables, figures, photographs, drawings, etc, or those over 300 pages in length, please discuss your project before purchase so we can quote for any extra work involved.

    We will then:

    • Re-format your book to current publishing standards for print.
    • Send you a physical proof edition for your approval.
    • Send you 5 copies of the finished print edition.
    • Format as an eBook.
    • Design a new cover.
    • Supply artwork for cover in a variety of formats.
    • Issue a new ISBN and manage data with Neilsen.
    • Lodge Legal Library Deposit copies, as required by law, on your behalf.

    Optional extras:

    • We can distribute your book under our standard terms in as many channels as possible.
      There is no charge for distribution, we simply take 25% of any sales.
    • We can supply you with exactly the number of stock copies you require.
      We recognise that some authors may only want a few copies for personal use, while others like larger amounts to sell themselves. We will price books for you at very attractive rates so you can decide exactly how many you need. We can offer a Print on Demand, short run, or long run supplies.
    • We can also supply this service without distribution, leaving it up to you to distribute as you like, or keep it private.
    • For non-text titles please call to discuss prior to purchase.
    • For titles over 300 pages (when formatted for print), please call to discuss prior to purchase.
    • We can also negotiate other rights on your behalf.

    You retain 100% control of your work:

    • You retain copyright of the work, and of the cover we create for you.
    • If you chose to distribute your work with us it is on a non-exclusive basis, so you are free to distribute the book elsewhere if you want.
    • You will get a login to track your sales.
    • Royalties will be paid quarterly.