Who owns and runs Octavo Publishing?

Octavo is an assisted publishing arm of the Accent Press group – Accent Press was founded in 2003 by Hazel Cushion. The company has won numerous awards and in 2007 Hazel Cushion was invited to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen in recognition of her contribution to business in Britain.

Accent Press is an ethical company and was one of the first UK publishers to be accredited as a Living Wage employer. They also operate an employee share scheme.

Why was Octavo created?

Accent Press has always been recognised as an innovative and agile company. The advent of digital publishing, both in eBook and POD formats, has revolutionised how authors can reach their readers around the globe. This has led to a whole new breed of independent authors – professional writers who choose to publish themselves. We realized that many of these struggled to find the right distribution, to have beautiful and professional books or to market and maximise their sales potential. We wanted to share our expertise and professionalism with these authors and so created Octavo.

Our service is also ideal for people who want to fast track their book, either because they use it professionally or because they don’t want the lead time that a traditional publishing contract would entail. By supporting the process financially Octavo customers can get their book published quickly and professionally.

Why Use Octavo?

Octavo offers a professional and comprehensive publishing service that can fast-track your book to success. It offers the same level of professional publishing and distribution as a publishing contract can offer. Having funded the publishing process, you stay in control and earn 75% of net receipts instead of the usual 10% for print books and 25% for eBooks.

Octavo is ideal for four main groups of customers:

  1. Independent authors – writers who want to control their own publishing.
  2. Professional people who use their books to market themselves and their services etc.
  3. Niche or cross-genres authors who have written books that traditional publishers have rejected because they feel they are too difficult to market.
  4. Fund-raising for a cause – creating anthologies, recipes books or local history memoirs are an ideal way to fundraise for a cause. Our professional team has lots of experience of producing such books.

Octavo also offers a sales and distribution service to small presses and authors who have already published.

Can you make my book into a bestseller?

We certainly have a track record of helping debut authors achieve bestselling success but we can’t promise or guarantee it. What we do promise is that we will share all our secrets to success and will ensure your book gets produced to the highest industry standards. We don’t operate a template system for either covers or contents because neither will produce good results. With Octavo your book will be handled by professionals at every stage of the process – we love books and feel they deserve to be honed, polished and professionally published so they can shine and stand proud!

Can I use my own editor or cover designer?

Yes. Octavo’s team of talented professional specialise in a number of genres and styles, but if you have an existing relationship with a professional, you are welcome to use them.

Why are your prices higher than some sites?

Simply because you get what you pay for. Some sites offer a template service where you effectively create you own contents file and cover and they just do the distribution. We don’t believe you can create beautiful professional books like this. Other sites make extravagant promises but don’t have the publishing industry background to support and deliver these.

Our prices reflect the level of service and professionalism that Octavo can deliver. You have already invested a great deal of time and energy creating your book so we feel a duty to publish it beautifully and professionally.

Are you a vanity press?

No. We offer a professional publishing service to independent authors and small presses. We require books to be professionally edited and proofread and will work with authors to develop their book and careers.

Most vanity presses simply publish what is delivered to them without any development, correction, editing or marketing support. They tend to make money by urging customers to fork out for large print runs. Our model is based on using print-on-demand services and so authors don’t end up with a garage full of books!

Octavo is an assisted publisher. You get all the benefits of being professionally published but you support the process financially.

How quickly can you publish my book?

This varies enormously depending on the genre, the amount of editing needed and if there are illustrations etc. We promise to give you a realistic time frame once we have reviewed your project.

A realistic guideline is 6-8 weeks but it will take longer if there is extensive editing required.

What about ISBNs and Imprints?

For our standard Octavo service we provide the ISBN and you will be published under Octavo Publishing. This is the imprint logo:


We are also very happy to work with authors and small presses who provide their own ISBNs.

How can I verify my sales reports are correct?

Through our publishing portal you will have a full view of your sales history. This information will be uploaded from the sales reports supplied to us by all the retailer platforms. If you have any concerns regarding sales figure you can ask to see these reports and request an audit.