Jenny Bowen

After graduating as an ecologist from Leeds University I got my first job in Africa, and little did I know the impact this would have on my life. As the permanent ecologist for Raleigh International in ZimbabweI set up numerous conservation projects, managed hundreds of volunteers, tracked black rhino, and learnt how to survive in the bush.

I quickly fell in love with the continent, and over the years Africa has frequently provided restoration for my soul. This was also where I became an avid amateur photographer on all things Africa.

I have spent many happy years working across Africa, as a leader and guide, for a game capture unit in South Africa, and  set up conservation and community projects in Swaziland. I now represent the Kingdom of Swaziland in the UK, as well as giving expert advice to travelers to southern Africa.

This experience and passion for Africa – its people, cultures, landscape, and wildlife – led me to create my own business, Sense Africa. I now help people to have their own African Adventure and to sense it for themselves.


Author of Sense of Africa.