Chrissie Bradshaw

Chrissie Bradshaw lives by the Northumbrian coast with her family and loves taking her dog for a daily run along the seashore. Her other feel good essentials are tea, chocolate and a good book. A career in education, as a teacher then as a literary consultant, has given her the chance to share her passion for reading with young people. She believes that there are books to suit every taste and loves match-making a book with a reader. Chrissie has always been a scribbler and now, after an episode, well two so far, of dealing with cancer and all of its repercussions, she has indulged herself and happily succumbed to the urge to write her own stories. Her debut novel, ‘A Jarful of Moondreams’, is the first of a series set in and around Northumberland. Welcome to Dunleith.

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Author of Jarful of Moondreams

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