About Us

Octavo is an exciting new company that has been created to deliver a truly professional publishing and marketing service to small presses and independent authors.

The book market has changed dramatically in recent years and there is now a global opportunity for authors to sell their books directly to readers. Octavo was founded by Hazel Cushion who has  over 14 years of experience in the publishing industry. We can help you compete in this exciting new marketplace.

We offer a full service that includes publication, sales and distribution, marketing and publicity, and even rights sales. Octavo clients get a fast-track to a fully professional publishing service by financing the production of their titles.

We have experience in publishing in the following genres:

  • Business
  • Children’s flat picture books
  • Children’s chapter books
  • Fiction in a variety of genres including romance, modern women’s fiction, action/adventure, crime, etc
  • Charity fundraising titles
  • Poetry
  • Anthologies
  • Memoirs and Family Histories


All books need editing and we have a team of professionals to provide the correct service for you. As the work required varies from book to book, as a first step, we will assess your manuscript and advise you on the options that will best suit your needs. Working closely with an editor will add vital polish to your book.


The publishing industry has been revolutionised by eBooks but has recently seen growth again in the print market. We can help produce your book in all formats and ensure it reaches readers across the globe.


Everyone judges a book by its cover so it’s vital to get it right. We design in-house, and use a pool of professional publishing designers to ensure your cover not only looks beautiful but is right for the genre and marketing of your book.


We have years of production experience and so can ensure your book is published in the right format for the genre and market. This is really important if you are going to capitalise on your investment in time and money.


Having a beautiful book is just the starting point. We can support and guide you in creating a successful marketing campaign, using top industry tips and techniques.


We can ensure your book is available to all bookstores and wholesalers around the globe and from 250+ online platforms including Kindle, iTunes, Google, and Kobo. It will also be available to academic and public libraries in both physical and eBook formats.


Our unique cloud-based portal allows you full access to your title information and sales history, and enables you to create your own marketing materials. Because it’s cloud-based you can do this wherever and whenever you want!


We offer a range of marketing campaigns that can help promote sales of your book. These range from features on our website and social media platforms to being promoted and exhibited at international book fairs.


As the copyright holder you own a wealth of subsidiary rights for your book including translation, audio, large print, and film and TV. We have the expertise to help you to monetise these opportunities.

Sarah Haywood No avatar Luxury Wedding Planner & Event Designer
" My beautiful Wedding Bible books are my calling card and bring in business but the good news is, they also make money! "
Jodi Taylor No avatar Bestselling Author of the Chronicles of St Mary's Series
" "I’m so glad I self-published because it turned my dreams into reality and fast-tracked me to being a successful author.” "